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What are you N2?

- Everyone has heard of the "bucket list" and probably have one. There has been one item in particular that has been on my mind for a number of years. That is the creation of a website that eventually can be considered the center of the fly-fishing universe. A website which is a safe haven for all that is fly fishing.

Bringing together all of the aspects of the sport I love more than any other. A website that changes daily with new material and news from the fly fishing industry. A place for the fly fisherman who is a considerable distance from good water and subscribes to every magazine available but never quite gets enough. A destination for that individual to visit daily to escape the normal day-to-day routine and escape, if only for a few minutes, to think about his favorite stretch of water and how he would be fishing it if he could only get out of the office.

           I began dreaming this nearly 20 years ago when I was living in South Dakota. I would subscribe to all the popular fly fishing magazines. They would come once a quarter, most of them about the same time, and I would quickly read every word. Trying to mentally escape the most recent blizzard and an exhaustive job that left me little time to pursue my passion. I was hours away from good trout water and wasn't well versed in the local do's and don'ts of fishing these waters. I only knew the basics of the sport and new just enough to enjoy myself anytime I would get my waders wet. All the articles and books were never enough to satisfy my thirst and I knew it took practical experience or the knowledge of those familiar to that water. That is what was missing.

          Since then technology has expanded and opened up many different resources to enhance the education of a novice fly fisherman. But the one thing that always lacked was a collective grouping of all that information in one location. A one-stop shop that would connect fly shops, guides, product vendors, fly-tyers, experts and novices. A universal stopping point to discuss great experiences on the water, assist youth in the sport, view great photography and art, and most of all connect one fly fisherman with another in interests, location, and abilities.

          Over the years I have developed a flow-chart of exactly how I wanted to lay out the project. When an idea is in your head for that long, you run every scenario and situation through your head and I have been confident for quite sometime that it was a solid plan. But, as the years progressed, technology did as well. Many of the things I wanted to use as a base for this idea were being implemented on a new generation of technologically savvy fly fisherman. The use of websites, e-newsletters, Facebook, twitter, video production, new concepts for marketing was being introduced across the country.

          So, I have decided to re-structure my original plan. I'm going to begin with my backyard, the Ozark waterways. Building a safe-haven for fly shops, guides, product vendors, and the everyday fly fisherman without some of those things that are easily obtainable with todays technology. All from the Ozark region. Create a site that promotes all Ozark sites, stories, merchandise, art, and most of all knowledge. God willing and this site is a success, we will then expand to other regions of the united states. in the infamous words of Bartle & James, "Thanks for your support". 

Mick Spaulding


N2 Outdoors inc.